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Since January 2021 Carly has been offering

Mindful Mornings: live yoga classes you can practice from the convenience of your own home. 

30-minute classes are Monday-Friday

at 7:15AM ESTsupporting your own morning ritual.

Extra perks?  Share Mindful Mornings with your household!
Partners & roommates are always welcome. 💜


💜  Interactive live yoga classes on Zoom Monday-Friday

⏰ 7:15AM ET - 7:45AM ET 


🧘  Optional meditation until 8AM on Wednesdays

🤍 Trauma-informed, healing-centered, & body-neutral language

💻 Video camera & interaction optional 

💸 Pick-your-price sliding scale cost

📺 Unlimited class replay


🍎 Weekly teacher office hours


🎁 Bonus Classes & Meditations

🙏🏼 Honoring Yoga's Roots
through study of Patanjali's 8 Limbed Path of yoga

👋 Cancel your membership anytime

Yoga allows you to feel more connected to, aware of,

and accepting of all parts of yourself.


Yoga classes should be available to everyone, regardless of their budget. 

That's why Mindful Mornings is a sliding-scale membership with monthly rates ranging from $15-95. Consider how many days a week you intend to practice and then determine what a fair, sustainable monthly contribution would be.

Folks tend to give $1-5/class; some people use their financial investment as an accountability tool to help them show up, others just pay what they can. The important thing is that it's a price that feels good and supports your personal growth!  

Pick your plan below or reach out if you have any questions or want to set a custom price.
Business and Organization pricing is available.

What Members are Saying...

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Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 9.57.03 PM.png

✨ Class Schedule ✨
(all times in Eastern Standard) 


  • Mondays 7:15-7:45am Grounding for the week ahead

  • Tuesdays 7:15-7:45am Twists on Tuesdays

  • Wednesdays 7:15-8am Heart Opening +15 minutes of meditation

  • Thursdays 7:15-7:45am Hip Opening

  • Fridays 7:15-7:45am Full Body Mindful Movement

Choose your Mindful Mornings membership plan:

  • 15$
    Every month
  • 25$
    Every month
  • 35$
    Every month
  • 45$
    Every month
  • 55$
    Every month
  • 65$
    Every month
  • 75$
    Every month
  • 85$
    Every month
  • 95$
    Every month
Choose Membership Plan
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When you're looking for a yoga teacher, it's all about finding the right match. 
ou can experience Carly's teaching style right now on the Sentara Health website or her YouTube channel!

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Just ask!

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