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Let mindful massage therapy treatments ease your stress and tension.

My massage approach is to support you into a deep state of relaxation as I work patiently with your muscular & connective tissues.

I slowly work into appropriate levels of pressure, helping you melt away stress and tension. Because deep relaxation promotes your body's natural healing abilities, it is my goal to apply techniques that are equally effective and soothing. Each session includes the integration of techniques I have studied based on your unique needs. Modalities include traditional Swedish massage, gentle deep tissue & myofascial release, trigger point therapy, prenatal, lymphatic drainage and subtle energy work. 

About Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

I have completed over 40 hours of training in lymphatic drainage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is wonderful for anyone with a generally healthy lymphatic system*, especially for those who experience chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, cellulite, post-surgery swelling, post-cancer treatment swelling, & post-athletic activity. MLD uses gentle, repetitive strokes to increase lymphatic flow, promote the parasympathetic nervous response, and reduce pain.

(*MLD is not appropriate for clients with lymphedema; please find a lymphedema specialist here.)


Hot towel hand & foot treatment, hot stones, cupping therapy & essential oils are all included in the flat-rate cost; please be sure to specify if you want particular treatments!

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In response to COVID-19, all clients are asked to:

  • wear a face mask if they've traveled recently

  • wash their hands upon arrival, prior to treatment

  • have their temperature checked

  • only come if you do not have any signs of illness


I am fully vaccinated and will continue to wear a

mask while working directly over you.

Our comfort and well-being are my priority.

 Thank you for helping me maintain a safe environment!

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A word on tipping & gratuity..

My rates are set to reflect the total cost of service; I do not expect tips. 


Knowing this, if you still wish to give a gratuity the extra payment goes into a "Pay it Forward" fund so that I can more generously contribute therapeutic services to local charitable causes.

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