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Thanks for dropping by! My name is Carly (she/her), owner of Mindful Moments Wellness, LLC. I’m a massage therapist who is also certified in Vodder Technique Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and a student of yoga & 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher.
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My Story

Since graduating from the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, MO in 2009 I have maintained Board Certification - the highest attainable credential within the massage therapy and bodywork profession; it’s an advanced credential separate from entry-level state licensure.

In 2022 I completed a 40-hour Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Technique) course to better serve clients experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, cancer patients and post-surgery clients.  

Participating in continuing education and personal development programs is one way that I explore paths of providing my clients with the most thoughtful and informed services possible. I recently completed Susanna Barkataki's 300hr Embody Yoga's Roots yoga teacher training, officially achieving 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher Certification; I'm currently diving deeper into teaching Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven's 20hr training.
It is my hope that the services I offer will bring you a sense of peace, confidence, and equilibrium.

As a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher, I guide a slower-paced Hatha class to provide you with moments of stillness & one-pointed focus (dharana) in a trauma-sensitive and body-positive way. My intention is to honor the traditions of yoga and offer an accessible practice.  I achieved my initial 200hr training through Bhav Brigade and Dr. Diane Malaspina’s comprehensive program and my 300hr training through Susanna Barkataki's Embody Yoga's Roots program; additional training includes Restorative Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama, Bridging the Practice of Yoga and Modern Healthcare, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Introduction to Yoga for Addiction Recovery (through Yoga Medicine)


I offer 30-minute Mindful Mornings yoga classes live on Zoom 5+ days a week (learn more here) and in-person classes with Bhav Brigade (see schedule here). You can find my yoga schedule here.

All of the public yoga classes I offer are beginner-friendly & trauma-informed.

Most are also donation-based or sliding-scale fee.

Mindfulness is at the heart of all my offerings; my mindfulness studies include an introduction to Vipassana, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at UMASS, and mindfulness-based continuing education with Cultivating Inner Stillness. My mindfulness practice is life-long homework; I look forward to continuing in an effort to help myself & others stay present for this precious life.

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